Mass Distruption Information

Public Notices for Mass Service Disruptions:

Logitel is committed to its obligations to rectify faults or service difficulties affecting eligible services in accordance with the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2000 (No. 2) (CSG Standard). However, it is acknowledged that there will be circumstances that are beyond our control (Mass Service Disruptions) where we are exempt from complying with the CSG Standard, including:

Damage to a facility not caused by Logitel;
Natural disasters or extreme weather conditions that cause mass outages of specified services and restrict connection or fault rectification activities;
Where we are requested by a public authority to provide emergency communications services to assist in emergency action, and the provision of those services restricts rectification of a fault or service difficulty; and
Where we are prevented from connecting a specified service, or rectifying a fault or service difficulty, because we are unable to obtain lawful access to land or a facility.

Exemption from performance standards for circumstances beyond the control of Logitel is more fully explained in sections 21-27A of the CSG Standard.